Hi, I'm David Rogers,
graphic designer.

Print Layout

– Thoughts on Print Design

With print projects, the first question I explore is how the collateral will be experienced by the end user. A movie poster needs to capture attention at distance, and the visual hierarchy has to be developed so that more is communicated the closer the viewer gets. On the other hand, an infographic is meant to be explored close up, so visual elements need to provide direction.


– Thoughts on Editorial Design

My editorial design trends towards a structured presentation of copy and imagery. There's nothing wrong with breaking the grid at times, but my designs often have a clean, modern asthetic with a clear visual higherarchy.

Brand Identity

– Thoughts on Brand Identity

Research and schetching are always important initial steps in every design, but I find it absolutely vital when it comes to developing brand identity. Knowing the values of the client, who their target audience is, and the branding of their competition is fundamental to my process.

Interactive Design

– Thoughts on Interactive Design

When I design something that a user is actively interacting with I try to put myself in their shoes. What will their goal be and how will they think about getting there? Then I design static and interactive elements to help guide them through from entrance to goal, trying to stay mindful that they may make a wrong turn along the way and that it's my job as the designer to get them back on their path.


– Thoughts on Explorative Design

Passion or unusual projects are a great opportunity for me to explore new processes and techniques. I develop these projects in the same way I handle more typical design challenges. I start with research and sketching, but then I try to step out of my comfort zone, relying less on my experience and more on exploration, learning, trial, and his good friend error.


As a graphic design student finishing up a BFA in Graphic Design at Monmouth University, my short term goal is to find a Summer or Fall internship. My ideal internship experience would be with a full service design agency. I hope to gain experience working in a firm that is able to include me in many phases of the design process, from client brief to deliverable.

In turn, I believe I can add value to the team(s) I work with utilizing my varied skill set, clean design aesthetic, and creative input. I am eager to learn and demonstrate my abilities.

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